The Ring of Kate for sale! A precious thought for your "her" for a very special Valentine's Day.


LADY D's engagement ring, the one that Prince William used to make the promise of marriage to Kate Middleton, is certainly the jewel that the vast majority of women would like to wear.

Let's talk about the ring that on the day of the engagement, Prince William said he wanted to give his future wife in order to make sure he still had his mother, Lady Diana, close to him for the wedding day and for the days to come.

When the Duchess of Cambridge flaunted it with pride, the world became passionate with great admiration for the love story that was about to begin in the royal family.

And the street stylists took the intuition to quickly start making replicas of the clothes she was wearing and the jewels that the Duchess wore, like the advancement ring that Prince William gave her.

And this is how the replica of the "Regal Ring" gone sold out immediately as quickly as it was put on sale by Marks & Spencer, so much so that it immediately became a best-seller.

The wonderful ring with blue sapphire and fourteen diamonds, which frames this photo, still pleases many, even in the low-cost version, so much so that it is still the best-selling ring today.

If you are short of gift ideas here is what could be the answer to make a special Valentine's Day gift for her.

A few days ago the famous window of Marks & Spencer put on sale a "new version" needless to say, not original of the ring. The differences? Minimum. The price? Just over 20 Euros (less than twenty pounds). The "new version", little different from the replica of the jewel cataloged by the London department store in 2010, was a great success. Yet the "royal ring", in a handful of days has already gone "sold-out" according to what is read on the website of the famous brand. A full 9 years after it was first worn by Kate Middleton. And if this is not a sign for a special present.

Applies to the ring as well as to the clothes worn by the Duchess of Cambridge.

And the question that immediately arises is: who knows if the clothing line designed by Meghan Markle will achieve the same sales success as that of the Duchess of Cambridge?

Yes, because from next autumn in some department stores including Marks and Spencer (irony of fate), a line of office clothes is on sale, created by Megan in collaboration with her friend designer Misha Nonoo. A mini-collection with classic garments, to be used safely during your work day, disegned for a noble cause: to raise funds to help and support the Smart Works foundation, a charity that helps unemployed women in the United Kingdom.

A sign, this, which underlines how the fascination for the Royals never goes out of style.

Now you know what to give to your "Valentine" on Valentine's Day to really make her a special gift. The exact same diamond ring worn by the Duchess of Cambridge can now also be seen on the finger of your loved one.